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VR 360° video

  • president_obama's-farewell_address

    President Obama’s Farewell Address LIVE in 360°

  • ford_vr

    Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE: FordVR

    VR Stitching for this video.

  • blue_diamond

    Blue Diamond «Fanscape»

    Back in May I executive produced and directed this really technical underwater swimming VR piece for Blue Diamond via OGO Interactive and “Fanscape” with 4-time Olympic gold medal winner Matt Grevers. Nothing “simple” about this one — from a custom-made POV rig, and locked-off 50ft techno crane, to under water rigs, lots of VFX plates, […]

  • unicorn

    Follow The Unicorn: A 360 Bonnaroo Adventure

  • redfoo-lights_out

    Redfoo — «Lights Out»

    Very difficult Stichting for 17 cameras. Clean up of lighting on street shots. Flying 3d trash and visual effects (wormhole) in the bus. Simulated smoke and confetti. Starry pink sky with shooting stars.

  • theirworld-safe_schools_nepal

    Theirworld: Safe Schools Nepal

    In this project Gloria FX made shots Stitching with people who came very close to the camera. Made hard CleanUp stabilization of VR video shots from the camera suspended on a flying drone.

  • the_weeknd-the_hills

    The Weeknd — «The Hills remix» ft. Eminem

    An apcalyptic and surreal journey through The Weeknd’s recent video iconography, augmented by the GoPro spherical VR system that works in most browsers and mobile players. Go ahead and explore, because The Weeknd is surrounded by so much mayhem that you probably won’t mind the brief runtime. In this project we make: Tracking, rotoscoping, assembling […]

  • foals-mountain_at_my_gates

    FOALS — «Mountain At My Gates»

    In this clip we Essential rotoscoping group and gathered together from 14 different options starting materials. Replaced sky. We do: growing mountains added birds flying debris, dust, lightning in the sky and meteorites, avalanches in the mountains and cloud formation. We did the destruction of the mountains at the end of the clip. All in […]

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