Kelly Clarkson — «People Like Us»

Rotoscoping done to restore the color source placed on top of black and white. Create an animated X-ray scanner. Used the same footage of the skeleton. Using 3d made compositing backgrounds. Several shots were fully CG. Created environment tripped model cars, animated camera. In all compositing layers collected, written off, and supplemented by footage of [...]

Kevin McCall — «Naked» ft. Big Sean

In the scene with pictures substituted for specifically captured in the frame plates, with the creation of the effect of oil paintings. For shots with the singer surrounded by girls did clean up underwear. Front panel for the DJ. Compositing created more blue light rays. Compositing holographic display with a girl singer. Podium. Compositing and [...]

Juicy J – «Bandz A Make Her Dance»

Scene with Lil Wayne in his chair. Initially, the source is a static lions. Using the information from the source to recreate 3d model lions and was them, apply the texture of copper. In compositing lions brought to realestichnost, restoring light out. Skull. With compositing, using footage, created the effect manifestations skull when hit circle [...]