Lil Wayne — «Krazy»

Gloria FX doing work for Lil Wayne — «Krazy» In this project, the work was performed by cleaning the white room of the joints in the installation.
Was also created an echo effect in shots with Lil Wayne.
Imposition of scratches on the walls in shots in the hallway.
Adding sparkling equipment shots with the electric chair.

Krewella — «Live for the night»

Rotoscoping / Keying: keying in on a green background; 2d matte painting: the creation of original backgrounds from the provided footage (village, nuclear power plant); Clean Up: clean up the light sources; Compositing: creation of animation for backgrounds; The combination of material shot on a green background with established backgrounds; The creation of mobile phone [...]

Aura Dione – «Friends»

2 scene outside the house - matte painting. Several shots for compositing flasks with bubbles. Electrical discharges. The main shots were visualizing the character with the shoes. In the source code for the reference number of the animation was a man in a green suit. Character model created with the shoes on the sketches. Animation. [...]

Kristian Valen – «Letting go»

In the scene with birds flying along the coast used 3d animation, building bird flying in the form of heart. Woman shot at. Recreated animation shot gun, bolt, fire, sparks. Corrects bullet hit a girl already had originally source information hitting a bullet with a girl. Compositing falling roses in heart shape.