Years & Years — «Eyes Shut»

Made Beautywork performer. Enhancing the explosion with additional footage. Cleanup of door plaques with the numbers of apartments and garbage cans. Adding logos, cracks, holes and sparks on the walls. Creating a smooth transition between scenes. Adding an explosion, fire, sparks and smoke in the street scene.

Sandra Kolstad – «My Yellow Heart»

This interesting project in a few scenes was created sandstorm generated using special software simulation of fluids in settings that include parameters close to the real physical quantities such as temperature, speed, density, lift, force convection, diffusion rate, subsurface dispersion, etc. Several frames to a sandstorm was added destruction of the earth by means of simulation of interaction of solids. Just simulation of fluids used in the scene where a brown horse turns into a unicorn. With the help of animations and simulations were modeled animated pulsing stones, mountains. Were also made modifications to rain in some scenes and complete replacement of the sky for a more subtle mood transmission. In general, this project touched all sectors of visual effects, ranging from tracking, grouting, simple post-processing to a fully computer-generated scenes of the destruction, weather effects, revived stones inversion of gravity, converting, creating a planetary atmosphere, etc. Were used: Matte Paint, modeling, texturing, Lightning, animation, simulation, post-processing computer graphics.

Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj — «Bang Bang»

In the music video Bang Bang Gloria Fx performed works:
Beauty work all actresses. Grout windows. Adding a city to the back burner. 3D modeling, animation, Render in shots of the helicopter landing and flight over the city. Extending the street. Converting streets in pink. Grout deficiencies in the scenery. Simulation of pink smoke from under the wheels (this material entered the advertising version).

Vali — «Dimes» ft. Wiz Khalifa

Clean Up: - flesh-colored grout stains on the painted black girls. 3d simulation / render - create smoke for the opening animation; - Creating a spray of water from under the wheels prancing machine. Compositing: - the creation of original dice; - The combination of shots in the movie "Wali on a walk with a [...]

AN21 & Max Vangeli — «Glow»

Replacing a more gloomy sky in the early shots. Clean up the light source on the shots with stairs. Passage through the peephole. 3D modeling of the eye under his outstretched tracking. Adding a "white noise" to the TV. Combining 3D with matte paint for the city outside the window. City gradually aging throughout the [...]