Kasta – «Korabelnaya»

Gloria FX performed the following work for the project for Kasta — «Korabelnaya»:
Matte paint — prolonging the streets in the French style, the replacement of the sky.
Replacing the houses on the horizon.
Replacing a modern fence on the old style fence. Creating and substitution of ships at the sea.
Substitution special footage in a reflection on the lens of the binoculars.
Screens — Replacement image in the TV screen. The imposition of an old tv and lenses.
Character Animation on the hill. Adding characters pirate symbols, hats, swords, spears, raincoats.
Simulation- raging sea, the simulation of foam on it.
Replacing the sky – from simple on stormy.

Chris Brown — «New Flame»

Gloria FX performed the work for the project Chris Brown — «New Flame»
Beauty work actors, image overlay with the application on the phone screen. Grout crew scenery. Adding 3D glasses in one of the shots. Adding 3D footage of fire from under the feet when you jump on the shots with the dancers.

Chris Brown — «Loyal» ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

In this project, Gloria FX work fulfilled: Rotoscoping / Keying: rotoscoping overlapping grout people. Compositing: substitution of special logos (logo on the substitution of source code), installation of new screens for the phone. Clean Up: grout logos, auxiliary shooting equipment. 3d animation: substitution cartoon head for a person in the crowd.

«High-speed train Moscow Russia» Film

In this film, Gloria FX carried out work on grouting and compositing. Grout was made auxiliary equipment crew, ropes leash tigress. Specifically substitution footage in phones and tablet, creating control interfaces was done from compositing. For scenes with aviatrix (shooting on a green background) were substituted special plates to create the effect of flight with [...]