Waka Flocka Flame — «Game On» ft. Good Charlotte

Collaborating with Director Darren Craig out of The Uprising Creative, Digital Domain, Gloria FX created this music video ‘Game On’ for Waka Flocka Flame featuring Good Charlotte.

‘Game On’ is a soundtrack to Chris Columbus’ blockbuster ‘Pixels’. The fragments of ‘Pixels’ alternate with artists’ performance in this music video. Waka Flocka Flame and Good Charlotte were being shot on a dark set with green elements to combine into one scene. Digital Domain had given the materials that Gloria FX integrated into the video.

Our vfx-artists created a number of lighting cubes. In addition to this, we had to consider the fact that the light from the cubes and CG characters could have an effect on musician bodies, so we created a light reflection. As a result, we see digital environment with the classic arcade game characters.
It was implemented the disintegration simulation of Waka Flocka Flame on the pixels at the end of this video.

Sandra Kolstad – «My Yellow Heart»

This interesting project in a few scenes was created sandstorm generated using special software simulation of fluids in settings that include parameters close to the real physical quantities such as temperature, speed, density, lift, force convection, diffusion rate, subsurface dispersion, etc. Several frames to a sandstorm was added destruction of the earth by means of simulation of interaction of solids. Just simulation of fluids used in the scene where a brown horse turns into a unicorn. With the help of animations and simulations were modeled animated pulsing stones, mountains. Were also made modifications to rain in some scenes and complete replacement of the sky for a more subtle mood transmission. In general, this project touched all sectors of visual effects, ranging from tracking, grouting, simple post-processing to a fully computer-generated scenes of the destruction, weather effects, revived stones inversion of gravity, converting, creating a planetary atmosphere, etc. Were used: Matte Paint, modeling, texturing, Lightning, animation, simulation, post-processing computer graphics.

FKA twigs — «Two Weeks»

Of high-resolution pictures was made installation in 4 minutes. With a slow flying camera. Carried out a large robot rotoscoping. All the dancers were filmed on hromokee. also simulation was carried out particles of water from the fingers of water from buckets. all inserted through compositing continuous edit.

Shakira — «Empire»

Gloria FX in this project did burning dress on Shakira, and performed work on the creation of the sky and particles (unfortunately not all shots included in the final version of the music video) as we did clean up the grass using projection and added the background in several shots.

Nicki Minaj present «Pink Friday»

Compositing glare of light on the black roses. Manifestation of color rose in contact with her drop to the continuation of color development on other roses. With the help of 3d animation created manifestation of gold cover on the body Nikki. Separately doing simulation particles for a more spectacular appearance of gold. It all adds [...]