Mercedes «Benz all Stars»

For each shot were created separately in 3d backgrounds. Compositing transitions between shots. Shot with a red Mercedes assembled using compositing and 3d mattpe-paint. The library has been replaced by a 3d model. In shots passage stars on the red carpet all people under roto to substitute the background of the city. Parking was extended. [...]

Kelly Clarkson — «People Like Us»

Rotoscoping done to restore the color source placed on top of black and white. Create an animated X-ray scanner. Used the same footage of the skeleton. Using 3d made compositing backgrounds. Several shots were fully CG. Created environment tripped model cars, animated camera. In all compositing layers collected, written off, and supplemented by footage of [...]

Rick Ross — «No Games» ft. Future

Create a panel with a weapon, creating 3d weapons on the hood of a car, the animation of a flying helicopter with a directional light shots of bullets on the pavement, the simulation of smoke and particles from the wheels when the drift cars. Grout film crew members, adding footage of blood, creating the effect [...]

Ray J — «I Hit It First» ft. Bobby Brackins

Creating background futuristic city for shots with the singer at the tree. Using rotoscoping to compositing were created holographic display girl. Using tracking were substituted glowing stripes and other elements for cars and aircraft in the hangar. Just hangar itself was changed to a futuristic 3d model with a glow. Shots with the singer at [...]

Taio Cruz — «Fast Car»

Some shots needed cleaning crew in the reflection. Scene with passing through the wall. Using footage, compositing was enhanced destruction of the wall. Crash, blast. Originally shot was driving through the car behind a pillar. The machine used clean up. Replaced completely 3d model. The accident was done by simulating the explosion separately. From compositing [...]

Nicki Minaj, Cassie — «The Boys»

Accident. Compositing using 3d models crumpled car hood was transformed into broken. Added footage smoke. Using compositing rotoscoping was repainted exterior to the bright colors. Beauty salon. For these shots do simulation for fluid fountain tripped animated clouds on the ceiling (the sky). Nikki from the car. Compositing made smooth seams. Framed otsimulirovanny fire on [...]

Chris Brown — «Don`t wake me up»

Compositing effects of the portal for the scene with the room. Just teleport effects (appearance and disappearance) for other scenes. Maze. Creating particles with the texture of rose petals. 3d departure camera up over laberintom. Creating a model of the maze, compositing with multiple passes. The scene in the clouds. Simulation smoky streams Windchill. Rotoscoping [...]

«She Wolf» Film Trailer

This project was made work on clean up: unwanted communication lines, lighting, body parts caught in the frame, grout ropes on wolves, etc.
From compositing was done: throw hat in the car, a newspaper with news, viewing photos in the camera, stand back plan in motion, crash, crack on the windshield, etc.
Created using 3d model Jeep Wrangler.
From the simulation was created collision with tree 3d models.
Beauty work: removal of small imperfections on the faces of the protagonists, turning husky dogs in wolf.