Vali — «Dimes» ft. Wiz Khalifa

Clean Up: - flesh-colored grout stains on the painted black girls. 3d simulation / render - create smoke for the opening animation; - Creating a spray of water from under the wheels prancing machine. Compositing: - the creation of original dice; - The combination of shots in the movie "Wali on a walk with a [...]

David Guetta — «Just One Last Time»

For scenes in the burning house with steps for doing simulation destruction, with the addition of fire.
Using footage was increased amount of fire in the house. Compositing were improved smashing walls.
DJ console for compositing created from light panels, and using 3d light on pipes and animated bubbles.
In slow-motion footage were added drop glass.
Simulation of fluid flowing out of the ear. Model damaged portion to your ear.

U.G.L.Y. — «REDD»

Shooting footage shot with a tight white cloth with the movements of the hands, head and body. Substitution ink colored footage for some big shots. Simulating black liquid substitution for several shots. Additional footage filmed with bubbling liquid. Simulation smoke monster using the model. Create smoldering skeletons with flowing fluid simulation. Render multiple passes. Creating [...]

Tyga — «Faded»

Gold. For scenes with gold model used gold bullion. Ingots were substituted for tracking and compositing fit in color. In some shotah added footage of a tiger. Big heads . Otrotoskopirovannye head compositing tripped and increased in the same source. Creating 3d animated gold skull. Tyga in the pipe with the fans. For these shots [...]

Madcon — «In My Head»

In this video task was to create an animated cartoon 3d characters - mosquitoes, similar group members Madcon. Using tracking recreated scenes, which were substituted animated models mosquitoes. In compositing aligned to the color depth, motion blur, all adjusted to a beautiful picture. Some scenes tracking carried along with compositing.