Tiësto & Jane Zhang — Budweiser MV

City ​​and raincoats:
Made of fabric simulation for shearing, with the lights of the city, for capes skaters. Clean-up of technical constructions and other defects. Modeled city in the background for a smoother transition between frames;

Girl Zebra:
Made rotoscoping of girls to put on the Plate. Added fine particles. Made clean-up of suit defects;

Made the fluid simulation for growing decorations on the girl’s head and covering her hands with gold. For this was animated cg-hand, modeled gold plate;

Bus Stop:
Modeled bus stop with posters and holo sign. Made clean-up for auxiliary structures in the scene. For transformation of the girls have been carved and connected together the two frame. When passing through the hologram animated display of masks and effects are added;

It was produced by the object tracking masks on the faces of the actors, who were replaced by cg-masks.

David Guetta — «Hey Mama» ft. Nicki Minaj

Made hide fasteners decorations.
Replacing the sky, the addition of storm clouds.
Made keying actress on a green screen to create the holographic effect and replace the background.
Made simulation fiery exhaust from the muffler of the car. Made rendering, compositing, 3d modeling cottages / tents in the background. Adding a sci-fi effects on the box of the projector.

Kevin McCall — «Naked» ft. Big Sean

In the scene with pictures substituted for specifically captured in the frame plates, with the creation of the effect of oil paintings. For shots with the singer surrounded by girls did clean up underwear. Front panel for the DJ. Compositing created more blue light rays. Compositing holographic display with a girl singer. Podium. Compositing and [...]

Ray J — «I Hit It First» ft. Bobby Brackins

Creating background futuristic city for shots with the singer at the tree. Using rotoscoping to compositing were created holographic display girl. Using tracking were substituted glowing stripes and other elements for cars and aircraft in the hangar. Just hangar itself was changed to a futuristic 3d model with a glow. Shots with the singer at [...]

Chris Brown — «Fine China»

3d animation and futuristic flying camera is matched by its tracking in the intro shot. Adding holographic security system on the wall. Matte paint. Made changes in the city. Styling it under the city from the movie Tron. Add futuristic elements. Adding a city on the horizon shots outside the club Substituted by tracking futuristic [...]