Tyga — «For The Road» ft. Chris Brown

In the intro shot such actions were carried out : 3D simulation of a futuristic design of the car under his substitution tracking. Modeling and substitution of the building. Simulation of living spikes on the floor and wall. Adding items to the futuristic design of robots and vehicle. Adding labels to the visor. Replacing the [...]

Ray J — «I Hit It First» ft. Bobby Brackins

Creating background futuristic city for shots with the singer at the tree. Using rotoscoping to compositing were created holographic display girl. Using tracking were substituted glowing stripes and other elements for cars and aircraft in the hangar. Just hangar itself was changed to a futuristic 3d model with a glow. Shots with the singer at [...]

Chris Brown — «Fine China»

3d animation and futuristic flying camera is matched by its tracking in the intro shot. Adding holographic security system on the wall. Matte paint. Made changes in the city. Styling it under the city from the movie Tron. Add futuristic elements. Adding a city on the horizon shots outside the club Substituted by tracking futuristic [...]

CB & David Guetta — «I Can Only Imagine»

In the scenes with the robot model, and animate robotic parts, turbine legs. For scenes with holograms create shots took place in three stages: 1. Tracking shot; 2. Creating a scene in 3D, substitution models. Render; 3. Compositing shots using render and adding other elements to holograms. For scenes with Lil Wayne hologram was made [...]

Labrinth – «Last Time»

With original footage, we put him in a different world. Animation alien creatures. In the source code provided information to the animation in the form of a man in a green suit. Man clobbered and was replaced by Redner alien. Compositing portal also performed using 3d. Also in the video are many other CG elements: [...]

Chris Brown — «Don`t wake me up»

Compositing effects of the portal for the scene with the room. Just teleport effects (appearance and disappearance) for other scenes. Maze. Creating particles with the texture of rose petals. 3d departure camera up over laberintom. Creating a model of the maze, compositing with multiple passes. The scene in the clouds. Simulation smoky streams Windchill. Rotoscoping [...]