Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj — «Bang Bang»

In the music video Bang Bang Gloria Fx performed works:
Beauty work all actresses. Grout windows. Adding a city to the back burner. 3D modeling, animation, Render in shots of the helicopter landing and flight over the city. Extending the street. Converting streets in pink. Grout deficiencies in the scenery. Simulation of pink smoke from under the wheels (this material entered the advertising version).

Rick Ross — «No Games» ft. Future

Create a panel with a weapon, creating 3d weapons on the hood of a car, the animation of a flying helicopter with a directional light shots of bullets on the pavement, the simulation of smoke and particles from the wheels when the drift cars. Grout film crew members, adding footage of blood, creating the effect [...]

Chris Brown — «Don`t Judge me»

For shots with a military base , doing mettpeynting and changed the wheels of cars on the tracks . Scene tickets ship. Ship modeling and helipad . Ship and put on animated helipad - trampoline , simulation of fire and smoke for turbines . In all compositing passes going further processed , added footage haze [...]