Years & Years — «Eyes Shut»

Made Beautywork performer. Enhancing the explosion with additional footage. Cleanup of door plaques with the numbers of apartments and garbage cans. Adding logos, cracks, holes and sparks on the walls. Creating a smooth transition between scenes. Adding an explosion, fire, sparks and smoke in the street scene.

David Guetta — «Hey Mama» ft. Nicki Minaj

Made hide fasteners decorations.
Replacing the sky, the addition of storm clouds.
Made keying actress on a green screen to create the holographic effect and replace the background.
Made simulation fiery exhaust from the muffler of the car. Made rendering, compositing, 3d modeling cottages / tents in the background. Adding a sci-fi effects on the box of the projector.

Shakira — «Empire»

Gloria FX in this project did burning dress on Shakira, and performed work on the creation of the sky and particles (unfortunately not all shots included in the final version of the music video) as we did clean up the grass using projection and added the background in several shots.

Chris Brown — «New Flame»

Gloria FX performed the work for the project Chris Brown — «New Flame»
Beauty work actors, image overlay with the application on the phone screen. Grout crew scenery. Adding 3D glasses in one of the shots. Adding 3D footage of fire from under the feet when you jump on the shots with the dancers.

David Guetta — «Just One Last Time»

For scenes in the burning house with steps for doing simulation destruction, with the addition of fire.
Using footage was increased amount of fire in the house. Compositing were improved smashing walls.
DJ console for compositing created from light panels, and using 3d light on pipes and animated bubbles.
In slow-motion footage were added drop glass.
Simulation of fluid flowing out of the ear. Model damaged portion to your ear.

AN21 & Max Vangeli — «Glow»

Replacing a more gloomy sky in the early shots. Clean up the light source on the shots with stairs. Passage through the peephole. 3D modeling of the eye under his outstretched tracking. Adding a "white noise" to the TV. Combining 3D with matte paint for the city outside the window. City gradually aging throughout the [...]