Years & Years — «Eyes Shut»

Made Beautywork performer. Enhancing the explosion with additional footage. Cleanup of door plaques with the numbers of apartments and garbage cans. Adding logos, cracks, holes and sparks on the walls. Creating a smooth transition between scenes. Adding an explosion, fire, sparks and smoke in the street scene.

Tyga — «For The Road» ft. Chris Brown

In the intro shot such actions were carried out : 3D simulation of a futuristic design of the car under his substitution tracking. Modeling and substitution of the building. Simulation of living spikes on the floor and wall. Adding items to the futuristic design of robots and vehicle. Adding labels to the visor. Replacing the [...]

Taio Cruz — «Fast Car»

Some shots needed cleaning crew in the reflection. Scene with passing through the wall. Using footage, compositing was enhanced destruction of the wall. Crash, blast. Originally shot was driving through the car behind a pillar. The machine used clean up. Replaced completely 3d model. The accident was done by simulating the explosion separately. From compositing [...]

Chris Brown — «Don`t Judge me»

For shots with a military base , doing mettpeynting and changed the wheels of cars on the tracks . Scene tickets ship. Ship modeling and helipad . Ship and put on animated helipad - trampoline , simulation of fire and smoke for turbines . In all compositing passes going further processed , added footage haze [...]