David Guetta — «Just One Last Time»

For scenes in the burning house with steps for doing simulation destruction, with the addition of fire.
Using footage was increased amount of fire in the house. Compositing were improved smashing walls.
DJ console for compositing created from light panels, and using 3d light on pipes and animated bubbles.
In slow-motion footage were added drop glass.
Simulation of fluid flowing out of the ear. Model damaged portion to your ear.

AN21 & Max Vangeli — «Glow»

Replacing a more gloomy sky in the early shots. Clean up the light source on the shots with stairs. Passage through the peephole. 3D modeling of the eye under his outstretched tracking. Adding a "white noise" to the TV. Combining 3D with matte paint for the city outside the window. City gradually aging throughout the [...]

Jay Sean — «Mars» ft. Rick Ross

Creating the effect of another planet. Create animated with a glow on the tips of the grass. Replacing the color of the sky. Shots with Rick Ross. Matte paint the background of the planet, using the footage. Translation scene at night. Rick Ross plates filmed on a green background. With 3d created a smashing mirror.

James Blake — «Overgrown»

Create a starry sky, time-laps. Replacing the sky. Creating 3d home. Simulation of dust and debris to the soaring house. Using footage modified the black personages, creating a plume of smoke. The last scene was created using footage and particles. Black characters were rotoscoping and expanded, the effect created by the disintegration of the particles. [...]

U.G.L.Y. — «REDD»

Shooting footage shot with a tight white cloth with the movements of the hands, head and body. Substitution ink colored footage for some big shots. Simulating black liquid substitution for several shots. Additional footage filmed with bubbling liquid. Simulation smoke monster using the model. Create smoldering skeletons with flowing fluid simulation. Render multiple passes. Creating [...]

Taio Cruz — «Fast Car»

Some shots needed cleaning crew in the reflection. Scene with passing through the wall. Using footage, compositing was enhanced destruction of the wall. Crash, blast. Originally shot was driving through the car behind a pillar. The machine used clean up. Replaced completely 3d model. The accident was done by simulating the explosion separately. From compositing [...]

Nicki Minaj, Cassie — «The Boys»

Accident. Compositing using 3d models crumpled car hood was transformed into broken. Added footage smoke. Using compositing rotoscoping was repainted exterior to the bright colors. Beauty salon. For these shots do simulation for fluid fountain tripped animated clouds on the ceiling (the sky). Nikki from the car. Compositing made smooth seams. Framed otsimulirovanny fire on [...]