Tyga — «For The Road» ft. Chris Brown

In the intro shot such actions were carried out : 3D simulation of a futuristic design of the car under his substitution tracking. Modeling and substitution of the building. Simulation of living spikes on the floor and wall. Adding items to the futuristic design of robots and vehicle. Adding labels to the visor. Replacing the [...]

Mercedes «Benz all Stars»

For each shot were created separately in 3d backgrounds. Compositing transitions between shots. Shot with a red Mercedes assembled using compositing and 3d mattpe-paint. The library has been replaced by a 3d model. In shots passage stars on the red carpet all people under roto to substitute the background of the city. Parking was extended. [...]

Kevin McCall — «Naked» ft. Big Sean

In the scene with pictures substituted for specifically captured in the frame plates, with the creation of the effect of oil paintings. For shots with the singer surrounded by girls did clean up underwear. Front panel for the DJ. Compositing created more blue light rays. Compositing holographic display with a girl singer. Podium. Compositing and [...]

James Blake — «Overgrown»

Create a starry sky, time-laps. Replacing the sky. Creating 3d home. Simulation of dust and debris to the soaring house. Using footage modified the black personages, creating a plume of smoke. The last scene was created using footage and particles. Black characters were rotoscoping and expanded, the effect created by the disintegration of the particles. [...]