The Vamps — «Kung Fu Fighting»

Gloria FX teamed up once again with director Frank Borin, producer Gina Leonard from LUCID MEDIA to create this latest music video, ‘Kung Fu Fighting’, for a British band The Vamps.

It is a brand new updated version of the iconic seventies track ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ as part of the soundtrack of new movie Kung Fu Panda 3. The Vamps took this classic track and put their own vision on it.

It is not first Gloria FX’s experience for The Vamps and as huge fans of Kung Fu Panda, we are pleased to be part of this project. DreamWorks had given us the materials for work. It looks like The Vamps is a part of Kung Fu Panda 3, Gloria FX’s VFX-artists worked hard on it.

Mercedes «Benz all Stars»

For each shot were created separately in 3d backgrounds. Compositing transitions between shots. Shot with a red Mercedes assembled using compositing and 3d mattpe-paint. The library has been replaced by a 3d model. In shots passage stars on the red carpet all people under roto to substitute the background of the city. Parking was extended. [...]

AN21 & Max Vangeli — «Glow»

Replacing a more gloomy sky in the early shots. Clean up the light source on the shots with stairs. Passage through the peephole. 3D modeling of the eye under his outstretched tracking. Adding a "white noise" to the TV. Combining 3D with matte paint for the city outside the window. City gradually aging throughout the [...]

James Blake — «Overgrown»

Create a starry sky, time-laps. Replacing the sky. Creating 3d home. Simulation of dust and debris to the soaring house. Using footage modified the black personages, creating a plume of smoke. The last scene was created using footage and particles. Black characters were rotoscoping and expanded, the effect created by the disintegration of the particles. [...]

Labrinth – «Last Time»

With original footage, we put him in a different world. Animation alien creatures. In the source code provided information to the animation in the form of a man in a green suit. Man clobbered and was replaced by Redner alien. Compositing portal also performed using 3d. Also in the video are many other CG elements: [...]