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Sandra Kolstad – «My Yellow Heart»

This interesting project in a few scenes was created sandstorm generated using special software simulation of fluids in settings that include parameters close to the real physical quantities such as temperature, speed, density, lift, force convection, diffusion rate, subsurface dispersion, etc. Several frames to a sandstorm was added destruction of the earth by means of simulation of interaction of solids. Just simulation of fluids used in the scene where a brown horse turns into a unicorn. With the help of animations and simulations were modeled animated pulsing stones, mountains. Were also made modifications to rain in some scenes and complete replacement of the sky for a more subtle mood transmission. In general, this project touched all sectors of visual effects, ranging from tracking, grouting, simple post-processing to a fully computer-generated scenes of the destruction, weather effects, revived stones inversion of gravity, converting, creating a planetary atmosphere, etc. Were used: Matte Paint, modeling, texturing, Lightning, animation, simulation, post-processing computer graphics.

BALTIKA commercial

Gloria FX created a whole promotional video for Baltika beer with computer graphics.
For this project has been studied a lot of material in the category of hockey. It allowed create a realistic rotation washers, slashing beat, the ice surface etc.
Atmospheric stadium was created with 3d projection technology.

Mercedes «Benz all Stars»

For each shot were created separately in 3d backgrounds. Compositing transitions between shots. Shot with a red Mercedes assembled using compositing and 3d mattpe-paint. The library has been replaced by a 3d model. In shots passage stars on the red carpet all people under roto to substitute the background of the city. Parking was extended. [...]

Kelly Clarkson — «People Like Us»

Rotoscoping done to restore the color source placed on top of black and white. Create an animated X-ray scanner. Used the same footage of the skeleton. Using 3d made compositing backgrounds. Several shots were fully CG. Created environment tripped model cars, animated camera. In all compositing layers collected, written off, and supplemented by footage of [...]