Nicki Minaj — «I Am Your Leader» ft. Cam’Ron, Rick Ross


    Riveting Entertainment


    Andrew Listermann


    Colin Tilley

Revitalizing the dragon skull, adding animated language and eye simulation smoke vapor mouth using footage added drooling .
Soap bubbles in the bathroom with Nikki simulate , then going in for compositing layers fit in color. Ditto for the scene to simulate water flowing out of the bath.
For scenes with Rick Ross in the gold room using compositing using the information source makes a girl statue, girl was treated and re- animated texture.
Stage with stairs and paintings. On all the walls was imposed new brick texture, improved sex and for some shots dorisovyvaetsya wall. Each painting has its own animation created by compositing. For one of the paintings from the footage, created streaks of paint. Restored glare zasvety shadows. Jacket singer was completely otrotoskopirovan to change the color from pink to purple.
Were also created animated cartoon 3d objects for transitions between shotami. And another grfika the Motion: span in letter-box, sparks TV.