Lil Wayne — «My Homies still»


    Riveting Entertainment


    Andrew Listermann



To the elephant was used to change the color rotoscoping using compositing. Was also used rotoscoping and clean pack to replace the head of man and dog.
Scenes fisheye. Background was painted, assembled in layers. The singers were filmed on a green background. In kospozitinge singers substituted into the circle and the circle rotation animation applied.
Red Room. For some shots were proanimirovany 3d cockroaches. Compositing were substituted into the shot and written by color. So much for the shots was created animated fish and aquarium.
Scene with a moped. Compositing was cleaned initially sitting on a moped in a green suit. Also in the scene footage of smoke were added and explosions.
Cinema with skeletons. For general shot in kopmozitinge seats were expanded and skeletons.