Foals — «Bad Habit»


    Kathleen Heffernan


    Nabil Elderkin

Clean up. Grout extra footprints in the sand. Trying mirage effect is achieved throughout the entire clip.
Adding footage wind with sand simulating the wind in the desert.
Stabilization shots. Removed from the camera shaking on shots with flying. Survey was conducted at the camera attached to the quadrocopter.
Simulation of a tornado of sand and all kinds of sand eddies and turbulence. Compositing simulations on many shots.
Simulation of wave motion of sand dunes.
Simulating growth colors of sand, rendering and substituting them under some tracking shots.
Simulating the emergence hole in the sand.
Shooting footage cracking and spilling real sand. Substituted by tracking.
Creating a 3D simulation of the dried oasis and cross protruding from the sand.
Simulation protruding from the sand large stone hand, render, substitution by tracking rotoscoping artist.
Simulation spilling items and actresses.