«DEAD@17 REBIRTH» Short film


    Jack Heller


    Jack Heller, Gregory Zuk, Alexander Koht, Daniel Alter

Working with director Jack Heller and producers Gregory Zuk, Alexander Koht, Daniel Alter, team of Gloria FX created this cool short film “Dead@17 Rebirth”.
Based on the comic by Josh Howard. Featuring CC Waske, Lucy Freyer.
From producers: The ultimate battle between Good and Evil is about to be fought in the most unlikely of places and the outcome will depend on the choices of one teenage girl. In the small subur of Darlington Hills, two friends, Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss, are about to be caught in the middle of a conflict that will change their lives forever. Dead@17 is a series about friendship, love, loss, destiny, and betrayal, and the choices one must make in the face of ultimate adversity.