Chris Brown — «Don`t wake me up»


    Riveting Entertainment


    Andrew Listermann


    Colin Tilley, Chris Brown

Compositing effects of the portal for the scene with the room. Just teleport effects (appearance and disappearance) for other scenes.
Maze. Creating particles with the texture of rose petals. 3d departure camera up over laberintom. Creating a model of the maze, compositing with multiple passes.
The scene in the clouds. Simulation smoky streams Windchill. Rotoscoping and compositing using multiple renderers smoke. Matt peint tops of buildings in the clouds.
Compositing scene with wave using multiple footage.
Simulation approaching car accident, compositing multiple passes.
Hologram on the Chris Brown and girl posing fully using compositing.
Breakage. Before the fall using 3d pitched barrage and piled into compositing. Sam was going to break and did mettpeytingom projection. Car cut out and animated the angle of incidence , prolong the dust from the wheels.