Chris Brown — «Don`t Judge me»


    Riveting Entertainment


    Andrew Listermann


    Colin Tilley, Chris Brown

For shots with a military base , doing mettpeynting and changed the wheels of cars on the tracks .
Scene tickets ship.
Ship modeling and helipad . Ship and put on animated helipad — trampoline , simulation of fire and smoke for turbines . In all compositing passes going further processed , added footage haze tuned light and lights . Was inserted parrying helicopter.
Creating CG shots with the monster and the cosmos. Simulation for the monster explosion .
CG shots to create a monster in space we made a model of substance like a flower that has tentacles . In compositing all going with a few passes , created an atmosphere of space added meteorites , extra light , the planet . The explosion also going in a few passes in compositing added particles , everything is customizable in color and adjusted to cinematography.