Chris Brown — «Don’t Be Gone Too Long» ft. Ariana Grande


    Riveting Entertainment


    Baptiste, Free School, Babydaddy


    Chris Brown

Scope of work done by Gloria FX for “Don’t Be Gone Too Long” project by Chris Brown:
— Mate paint: Gloria FX created the complete moonlight landscape background.
— Compositing: The green screen was replaced with the moonlight landscape. A great scope of tracking and rotoscoping work was done.
— Clean up: Clean up of the imperfections and defects of the set.
— 3d: Modeling of a realistic castle and replacement of the green screen on the shots. Creating of towers, climbing lianas, flags, light through the windows, spider web, etc. and alignment with the footage.
— Beauty work: Beauty work for the stars
Gloria FX also participated in creation of the magic on the king and dancers shots.