Blue Diamond «Fanscape»


    OGO Interactive


    Jeff Nicholas


    Alex Jaholnik

Back in May I executive produced and directed this really technical underwater swimming VR piece for Blue Diamond via OGO Interactive and “Fanscape” with 4-time Olympic gold medal winner Matt Grevers. Nothing “simple” about this one — from a custom-made POV rig, and locked-off 50ft techno crane, to under water rigs, lots of VFX plates, short prep time, etc.

Stoked with how it came out. It was finally just marked public on Blue Diamond’s YouTube channel. If you have a cardboard headset, I urge you to watch it there, with headphones — it’s designed for a VR experience rather than a 360 video one.
Huge thanks to Blue Diamond «Fanscape» for trusting our approach to creating a dynamic swimming experience, and the amazing team who helped pull it off, especially Juan Pablo Santillan, Lauren Ciell, Josh Linkey, Lex Halaby, Sebastien Hameline, Max Colt, Ben Wagner, Jesse Atlas, Radiant Images, Gloria FX, Fancy Film, Stimmung, University of Arizona, Monsoon Pictures, Freedom360, iZugar, and of course Matt Grevers himself for being so down to get experimental.

Producer OGO Interactive — Jeff Nicholas