AN21 & Max Vangeli — «Glow»


    Riveting Entertainment


    Andrew Listermann


    Andrew Sandler

Replacing a more gloomy sky in the early shots.
Clean up the light source on the shots with stairs.
Passage through the peephole. 3D modeling of the eye under his outstretched tracking.
Adding a «white noise» to the TV.
Combining 3D with matte paint for the city outside the window. City gradually aging throughout the clip and destroyed in the end.
Adding cracks in the walls and dirt on the glass with an increase in each shot + Adding footage spilling destruction room.
Compositing red glow on the skin of the singer and the effect of hot air heat around him. The effect of moving the bones under the skin. Aging effect (adding pieces aged skin). Hair becomes gray and begin to fall.
Compositing bird crashed into the glass and breaks it.
Creating 3d city and simulation of its destruction. Simulation of dust from destruction. Approaching destruction through the hole in the glass.
Adding footage of fire and smoke on the player. + Button animation and its needle.
Compositing destroyed locations in 3D on shots with a corridor, stairs, hotel lobby + Fall and destruction of the lamp.
Destruction of the final scene by metpeynta and 3D projections. Simulating a burning truck.