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Our main projects were music videos and commercials for the European and Russian markets. For this time the staff of our company has constantly been updating thanks to GloriaFX School, which has more than 200 graduates; many of them are still working at the company. GloriaFX wants to thank every employee who has worked or is working now for every second and every shot that he has spent at work.
We also want to thank our customers with whom we have developed and are developing at every moment of our life.
Thank you for the faith in us!
Many thanks to the Aggressive and Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro personally,, London Alley Entertainment and Luga Podesta and Brandon Bonfiglio personally, Riveting Entertainment and Emerald Listermann personally, and Iconoclast, Dna Inc, The Masses, RSM Creative, Bhs film, Doomsday Entertaiment.
Special thanks and respect to Directors: Collin Tiiley, Ray Kay, Chris Marss, Piliero, Hannah Lux Davis, Parris, Chris Brown, Andrew Sandler, Ryan Pallotta, Henrik Hanson and all the others who has worked with us over the last 5 years.
Thank you guys for that you are here!
Special thanks to our new clients Will Hyde and The Uprising Creative and personally Darren Craig and Jeff Nicholas.
We apologize for any minor problems or misunderstandings that could have occured from our side.
Gloria FX has repeatedly won and participated in various professional events. We have already got clear plans for the development of the company for thenext year:
— Territory development: opening the new branches in the Western Segment (USA);
— Product development: opening the new markets – films and animated cartoons.

Thank you for your cooperation!
Tomash Kuzmitsky and Max Chyzhevskyy.