Video premiere project Itch — «Another Man» held on mtv U


Watch the video premiere project Itch — «Another Man» held on mtv U, extremely catchy tune that gives off a 50’s vibe.
The director of this project was Frank Borin producer Angela Gregory.
VFX Producer-Tomash Kuzmitskiy VFX Supervisor-Max Chyzhevskyy.
In this project were made rotoscoping work on objects and people to combine color with black and white material.
The same special visual effect Gloria FX applied in the project a year ago Chris Brown — Don’t Think They Know and project Aura Dione — Geronimo.
project details and video

Gloria Fx finished work on a project Bella Thorne — «Call It Whatever»


Gloria Fx finished work on a project Bella Thorne — «Call It Whatever» for the London Alley company.
In this project Gloria Fx performed:
— cleanup work of filming equipment;
— cleaning the camera and crew reflections from the windows;
— grout crew auxiliary equipment.
Director of this project was Mickey Finnegan, Producer Brandon Bonfiglio, Executive producer Luga Podesta.
Tomash Kuzmitskyi was an Executive producer and Supervisor Alex Chitaya from Gloria Fx.

Gloria FX congratulates Dennis Latos with the premiere of Candy Zack & Stay — «On my instagram»


64k views in 20 days, it’s a great result!
In this video Gloria Fx perform such work :
— Creation of neon glow logo for instagramm ;
— Create animated lolipop , large and small on the grass ;
— Drawing herbs for scenes with Lolipop;
— Create animated hearts for a square room;
From Clean Up was made of ropes supporting lolipops grout , grout beautywork for the corridor scene with logo instagramm . The producer of this video was Zachary Latos, Dennis Latos, Stavros Latos and Thoma Kikis. Producer VFX Tomash Kuzmytskyi Vfx supervisor on this project was Max Chyzhevskyy.

A premiere of the film «High-speed train Moscow-Russia»

фильм Скорый Москва-Россия

A premiere of the film «High-speed train Moscow-Russia» produced by BuldozerFilms Company took place. The film was directed by Igor Voloshin, producers Alexander Orlov, Sergei Svetlakov, Karina Sinenko.
In this film, Gloria FX carried out work on “grouting” and compositing.
The “grout” of auxiliary equipment of the crew, ropes leash tigress was made.
Specifically, thanks to compositing, footage substitution in phones and the tablet and control interfaces were made.
Special plates to create the flight with the effect of the old filming were substitutedfor the scene with aviatrix (filming on a green background)
were substituted special plates to create the effect of flight with the effect of the old shooting.

Gloria FX recently finished «She Wolf» short film


Gloria FX recently finished work on “She Wolf” short film. It was a project of our partners, the “Aggressive” , directed by Dan Shapiro and Alex Topaller.
For this project the following works were made:
· On grout : unwanted communication lines , lights, body parts of crew in the frame , grout ropes on wolves , etc.;
· Compositing: throwing the hat in the car, a newspaper, viewing photos in the camera, background substitution in motion , a crash, crack on the windshield , etc.;
· 3D : created Jeep Wrangler model ;
· Simulation: a collision of the car with the 3D model of the tree;
· Beauty work: removal of small imperfections on the faces of the main characters, turning dogs into the wolf.
All special effects were made by Gloria FX.
Producer Sergei Mashevsky, Special effects producer Anatoly Kuzmitsky.
Supervision by Dmitry Nekrasov.

Justin Bieber- «Confident»

Justin Bieber- Confident ft. Chance The Rapper

In the end of January, Gloria FX finished the project Justin Bieber- «Confident» ft. Chance The Rapper.
This music video was made by London Alley Entertainment. Producer was Andrew Lerios, Executive directors – Luga Podesta & Brandon Bonfiglio.
In this project, with assistance of Matte Paint a futuristic city of Tokyo and several streets have been made; also, using compositing this city was put into the background, in shots with petroleum stations. The street has been added to shots in the city and a motorcycle. Besides, in this project on several shots, people from the film crew were removed, using clean up.
The Project supervisor was Alexander Orlov, Executive producer Max Chyzhevsky.
Gloria FX has also done the visual effects for the music video Justin “Boyfriend”, and in works with Justin such as Chris Brown – “Next To You” ft. Justin Bieber, and in the project Eenie Meenie-Sean Kingston ft. Justin Bieber.

Chris Brown «LOYAL»

Chris Brown “LOYAL”

Cheers! The music video “LOYAL” by Chris Brown began circling!

This video is created by Riveting Entertainment with assistance of Gloria FX.
We have been successfully cooperating with Riveting Entertainment for the last 4 years; we have made special effects for them in more than 30 projects.
Chris Brown is the director of the project . Gloria FX made special effects for many projects in which Chris was as the director: “Don’t Judge me “,” Don `t wake me up”, “Till I die” and others.
The “LOYAL” project is produced by Andrew Listermann.
In this project, the most part of work was to change the logos (inserting the product placement) and installing the new screens for the phone; also, with help of Rotoscoping and Clean Up –the grouting of logos, auxiliary equipment and the film crew was performed.
VFX Project Supervisor is Alexander Orlov.

The project Shakira – «Empire» is finished


Recently we have completed our work on the project Shakira “Empire”.
Filming of the project took place in Barcelona, and it was led by the Uprising Creative. Directors are Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven & Darren Craig.
In this project, Gloria FX was burning Shakira’s dress (very expensive),. Also we have made a starry sky and particles (unfortunately, not all shots were included in last version of the music video). Apart from that, we have done the clean-up of the grass and, using projection, the background in several shots. It wasn’t a complicated job but the deadlines were tight and strict; nevertheless, we got the job done!
The Executive VFX producer of the project is Max Chyzhevskyy, VFX Producer Tomash Kuzmitskyi.
The Post production supervisor is Will Hyde, VFX supervisor – Alex Chitaya.
Thanks everybody for excellent job!

[videojs mp4=»/video/2014/shakira_empire_mof.mp4″ width=»100%» preload=»false» poster=»/video/2014/shakira_empire.jpg»]

Gloria FX completed the project “My favorite” for singer Valeria

Валерия « Мой любимый»

Gloria FX recently completed the project “My favorite” for the Russian singer Valeria.
This project is a music video an advertising, and short film at the same time. Filming was made in Barcelona earlier this year.
Director of the project — Marat Adelshin, in partnership with whom Gloria FX. has done a lot of projects for such stars of Russian Show business as Dj Smash.
In this project, Gloria FX created 3d models of animation of a train and a helicopter. Footage taken in advance was inserted into the video to create a moving train. Also reflections of the Ferrari car were created.
Background of the station was provided from the footage and additional material with a matte painting tool.
In this project, beauty work has been done by Alexander Kurbanov.
Project supervisor was Alexander Orlov.