MTV Video Music Awards 2014


This year’s MTV Video Music Awards, held on August 24, 2014 in Inglewood, California. It will be the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards.
Gloria FX congratulates all the directors have worked with, who was nominated for this year:

Frank Borin with his two projects:

Gloria FX team thanks the directors and producers of these projects, for which they have entrusted to do the visual effects in these musicvideos. You can click on the links and see these projects as well as our vfx work.

Gloria FX team is waiting for August 24, 2014 and wishes to winning filmmakers on MTV this year.
All the news you can follow on the official website

Gloria Fx congratulates Hannah Lux Davis and London Alley Entertainment


Gloria Fx congratulates Hannah Lux Davis and London Alley Entertainment with the rotation of new music video Paris Hilton «Come Alive».
Gloria FX performed for this project:
— a lot of shots Beauty Work for Paris Hilton;
— Grout: rope a unicorn, some shots with spiky Paris hair, people on
the film set;
— Compositing: rainbow unicorn for shots, creating a sky with stars, creating the sky with pink and purple hues.
Gloria Fx has already performed work for Paris Hilton in the project “Good Time” with Lil Wayne. Hannah Lux Davis was Director in this project as well.
Waiting for new projects from Hannah Lux Davis and Paris Hilton!


The last work of Nabil Elderkin FKA TWIGS — «Two weeks»!


Please welcome! The last work of Nabil Elderkin FKA TWIGS — «Two weeks»!
Gloria Fx did for this project: mounting of high-resolution pictures in 4 minutes with a slow flying camera. This project included large robot rotoscoping as well. All the dancers were filmed on green screen. Also, were made simulation particles of water from fingers, water from bucket. It was inserted into the continuous edit with compositing.

project page

Video premiere project Itch — «Another Man» held on mtv U


Watch the video premiere project Itch — «Another Man» held on mtv U, extremely catchy tune that gives off a 50’s vibe.
The director of this project was Frank Borin producer Angela Gregory.
VFX Producer-Tomash Kuzmitskiy VFX Supervisor-Max Chyzhevskyy.
In this project were made rotoscoping work on objects and people to combine color with black and white material.
The same special visual effect Gloria FX applied in the project a year ago Chris Brown — Don’t Think They Know and project Aura Dione — Geronimo.
project details and video